Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blog Content (A Post of Lists)

Hello, fellow readers of six in the evening! I hope your weeks have been going well, and I have been working really hard with my plotting, character development, and will move on to setting fairly soon. I wanted to update all of you, and make sure you know what to expect:

  • Writing. Writing, writing, writing! I am still debating with myself on whether or not to post my actual plot and snippets of my novel, in fear of the people I know in particular that will go to lengths to go Suck Dragon on my work. (tags: NaNo, NaNoWriMo, Writing, Quickwrite)
  • Suck Dragon analogies. Suck Dragons....I heard of them in a NaNo Pep Video, and they're things that get in the way of your writing. Now, the narrator was talking plot-and-structure wise, but I stretched it to more than that - Gatorade Dragons, Router Dragons, Hate-Mail Dragons, etc (tags: see  above)
  • My own life. I will never, ever go into too much detail on events, but if something funny happened, I'll be sure to let you guys know! I have a few interesting stories from taking Tech Ed every third period (which is my homeroom). (tags: IRL, school, Technomancer (looong story for another post) )
  • Tennis! I'm a proud tennis player, and I love to tell people about my games and adventures over the six courts that I call "moon base". I also have a lot of self-made tennis quotes and funny guides to help you play a better game - or get a better laugh. (tags: tennis)
Here are all the words that represent different things - they're just for fun, and I wanted to test 'em out. These will be up on a page.:

  • Mission Control - HOME
  • EmCee and ElPie (M.C. - also Mission Control, L.P. - Launch pad, a computer that I *might* use) - my laptop
  • Moon Base - the tennis courts
  • 123 - Room 123, Tech Ed
All the people I will mention upon occasion:
  • Paige, Cam(eron), Desmond, Erik - school peeps, referred to as 
  • Alex, Brian, Caelie, May, Emily, Ilize, AJ, Depan, Averlea - tennis dawgs 
  • Brian II, Wyatt - tennis coaches
  • Mr. Steinbaugh - tech ed teacher
  • Mrs. Peake - English teacher
  • Yadin - a giant help to the promotion of this blog, and a blogger himself
  • Jason - another blogger, quite a brilliant guy 
  • Ria and KU - Ria is a close friend of mine, and owns the website that I work on, KingsIsle Universe.
  • Jordan, Lomax (Lo), Evan - all staff on KU, close friends of mine.
General Rules:
  • All comments are moderated! Make sure that you don't leave anything rude or anything even hinting to an inappropriate topic (looking at you, school peeps) .
  • Credit. My. Writing - if you use it. If you would like a snippet or a section or even one of my posts to repost, please credit me as D.S. Devereaux with a link to either the selected post or the homepage. I will be looking around for anything that's mine and not credited, and I will ask you to take it down, and publicly if I must. 
  • I shall NOT clean up after other blogs at this time. I have before, and I don't want to now, with so much going on. 
  • Please respect me and those who I mention, and their privacy. I am not giving out any ages, locations, etc.
  • Enjoy the blog!

Do as I say; not as I serve.

D.S. Devereaux

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