Monday, October 29, 2012

Character Interviews: The Ultimate Sheet

Hello, readers! Over the past few months, I've been trying to find a way to fill in a few character question sheets that weren't absolutely obnoxious. Today, I've put together the best of the best - a few from other lists (will be linked), a few from my own personal preference, and a few from my peers' preferences. I'm going to fill this in with my answers, just so I can get a feel for it myself. Enjoy! (Uh, if I leave any blank, it's because I'm sort of lazy today... :P )

Basics & Physical

Full Name: Caleb Lomax Winslow
Approximate Age, If Not Exact: 13
Color of Eyes: Green
Type of Hairdo: Semi-shaggy, trimmed down so he can wear safety glasses
Name of General "Fashion": Indie/Casual
Occupation: Student
Highest Level of Education: As a mid schooler, he'd have elementary completion, but not much more
(Optional - Race/Religion:               )
Location of Home: Beach/Suburban
Location of Most Scenes: Woodshop, Courtyard
Any Health Issues?:


If this character were stuck in their least favorite place because of the people, how many friends would they have there?: 0 - 3
If this character were stuck in their favorite place because of the people, how many friends would they have there?: 5-7
Same two questions, but how many do they THINK they have?
1.) Four or so, but it's tough to explain
2.) 5-7
Any Mental/Emotional Issues?: Slightly claustrophobic


List five common verbal! 
1.) "What do you think you're doing?"
2.) "Watch and learn...but stand back."
3.) "Get glasses and plugs, then we'll talk."
4.) "You kidding me!?"
5.) "You said doughnuts."

What are the top five things that the character will think to themselves? 
1.) "You've done it again!"
2.) "Two inches away, and plug your nose."
3.) "Yeah, right."
4.) "What was that all about?"

Three for happiness/excitement:

1.) "I told you!"
3.) "Don't push it." *Creepy smile* "Just...don't."

Three for anger/frustration:

1.) "You've done it again Caleb."
2.) "Sure, let's flounce off to math now."
3.) "Honestly?"

Life Motto: When life gives you lemons, swallow them whole and thank it.


Idol: Favorite Teacher
Worst Fear: A fire that he started and can't control
Sound of Character's Voice: "Dusty", a little snippy at times.

Miscellaneous, Occupation, Level of Ed: Domet, Sarah. 90 Days to Your Novel. Cincinnati: Writer's Digest, 2010. Print. 

Is there anything that you would add, take away, or change? Leave me a comment below! Also, there's a magic button at the bottom - it's blue, and it's titled "Join This Site".


When life gives you lemons, eat them whole and thank it. 

D.S. Devereaux

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