Mr. Bjornstad doesn't show up to a Tech Ed class, and nor the others. Everyone believes him to be dead. Of course, someone has to take over the shop while he's gone. Caleb Winslow and Nikolai Armeni man third period and get more worried by the day. However, when he's busy cutting wood, Caleb notices a paper hidden inside a knot on his project - one addressed to him by none other than Mr. Bjornstad - but is dated two months in the future - and it screams danger. Caleb decides to devote his third period to finding Mr. Bjornstad, even if that means sinking his grades and leaving Nikolai in charge of thirty-five rowdy 7/8th graders.
Will finding his teacher - before it's too late - really set things right?


Now then, if you were thinking to write something exactly or almost exactly like this because I haven't started yet, I need you to put down what you're doing and read this.

I put two weeks into this plot. You put two minutes by copying, pasting, and perhaps changing names.

If you can't find a plot, however, I have a few homeless plot bunnies and a lot of ideas to go around, so instead of taking, I can give you one free of charge!

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