Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just Call Me Dei!

Would "Hello, World!" Do the trick?

In a nutshell, I'm Deidre Sheyna Devereaux, D.S. Dev at the ends of letters. I created this blog to publish my journey through National Novel Writing Month this year, where I'll type up a 50k word novel in 30 days or less! Also, I'm just a writing nut, and what way is better to show my work than through a blog?

Who I am? I'm too many people, to be precise. Over the past few years, I've blasted through over twelve pen-names. I've been a Sto, a Genny, and I'm currently a Destiny over on Destiny's Travels, which is my main blogging hub. Because this blog is linked to Travels, you might just recognize my name, D.S. Devereaux. Not only is it my thirteenth pen-name, but it's also my twelfth - Destiny Soultamer Devereaux! (Two names,

In reality (sadly, I live there), I'm a student in the USA and I take honors classes at my school - earning straight As. I love writing and will be typing/scribbling whenever I have a spare moment. All my writing goes on a flashdirve, Google Doc, or in my overcrowded homework folder for storage, and I take pride in my shiny Lenovo laptop.

Lastly, I wanted to shout out to a few friends of mine who have helped me with my writing a lot in the past few months. These are first names only, but some people may know them all:

  • Paige
  • Cameron
  • Yadin
  • Ria
  • Jason
  • Lo
  • Jordan
You are all amazing and I wouldn't be here without you guys.


Draw your sword and knight your promises; Let them lift you to greater heights.
- D.S. Devereaux

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