Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Daily Procrastination - Day 20 with a Twist

Hello, my now eight to ten readers! With ten more days of November heading straight for my face, I have most definitely made an enemy during NaNoWriMo - procrastination, oh no! Today, I'll be sharing my different types of procrastination.. If you can't tell, I've divided mine into my six periods every day of school - enjoy!

1.) The Sit-ups
Oh dear, not the sit-ups! If you try hard enough, you can get what you need to get done, done; but boy does it hurt! After very breath, you really want to stop. I go through this in P.E., thus the nickname of sit-ups. I go through this with blogging when I'm making scheduled posts, like I have back home on Travels, and I especially face this during word sprints.

2.) Yes, More Sentences (or in my case, Words)
With no offense to my English teacher intended (Hello!), I sometimes get really sick of having to measure my papers in sentences because of all my words written. In the case of my novel, I get really stuck when I press enter for dialogue and I get half of the words in twice the amount of page normally used. Sometimes, I want to change the scale just for a few minutes so I can feel like I'm doing something productive. In class, I feel like this with my sentences and with my pages in NaNo. Most of my procrastination comes from complaining about it, see.

3.) Over-sanding
My favorite "doing" class of the day is Tech Ed - for a while I've been a thinker and now I can actually make stuff! However, my greatest nemesis lies somewhere in either my wood or the belt sanders, because it's always me who sands down too far. I try to manicure it to the pristine point, but then over-sand by maybe a sixteenth of an inch, and I have to start the part over. It really stinks! I go through this when I start editing (now don't try to hurt me for that, I'm an editor at heart) my novel and I'm suddenly pretty far below. I waste a lot of time doing this.

4.) Yes, Another Workbook Page to Color In
For the love of semicolons, I'm in the __ grade already, I don't need to color in another page! That's what I keep thinking when I am faced with though plotting moment and just want to wing it. However, I almost always get a fact wrong and have to write the scene over again. THAT'S a lot of fun, that is. However, those workbook pages get me a fair amount of homework credit, so I do them. In the case of my novel, all the character sheets will pay off. Still, I don't really want to do them...

5.) Don't Forget Your Homework!
At school, I try to get all of my homework done in the few minutes before the class ends. However, many of the labs in science take a long time for me to complete, so I don't get my homework done. This is like trying to write on the school's computers in the morning, or when I get a chance to work after I finish drafting for Tech Ed. If I don't get the words done, I then have more to do when I get home, which is a pain if I have extracurricular activities. Then again, the computers at school are so hard to type on and the odt doesn't convert into a doc or docx. Why waste time when I could waste more?

6.) And Now, It All Piles Up!
When I get to math at the end of the day, I'm not only bombarded with equations and algorithms, but I'm also confronted with the workbook pages and the homework and the sentences. The toughest part about procrastination is that it piles up into something impossible to manage.

Well, I really should start making sure that my Thanksgiving post for Travels is ready-to-go...and (oops!) start writing one for DeidreDev's!


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