Monday, November 19, 2012

More Covers and More Hellos for Day 19

My Cover (I make these from scratch.)

These two are covers for my friend Cameron, who is a very talented writer. The cover with the sticker and the words is a trial, and the other one is the standard so I can work with it when he gets a better title (I'm still a fan of "ART"!) 

At the moment, I'm sort of in the middle of trying to talk about my NaNo day today (which is about two sentences long), or making something interesting up to show to my English teacher. It's sort of hard to decide, so I'll talk about both. 

My day in NaNoWriMo was about 16800 words as usual, still sticking to the 50,000 word goal for November this year. I got a fair share of scenes written, and I'm ready for character G to flounce into scene (big number) and for the action to start! What's hilarious is my tendency to make people breathe a lot in my scenes. When I lose my creative muse, I write about my characters breathing. Hah, I might have to stop. 

Otherwise, my friends at school are treating me well with the NaNo going on. A few of them ask me how my wordcount is going, but I sort of ambush the rest with updates (sympathy to my table) during lunch. I am writing in the library when I get to school in the morning (and that's about an hour before buses roll in) if I'm not chilling with the jazz band. I get about 3 - 5 hundred words down in that time, and maybe a few more if I finish lunch quickly. However, I like hanging out with my friends - plus, I can bug a few wrimos while I'm at it. 

So, to wrap things up, I wanted to say hello to two new readers - My English teacher and my friend Bennett! (Not to be confused with the Bennett in my novel. that name might get changed out.) Welcome, and happy reading!


Why the merciless clocks tick on, I do not know. Why they tick on mercilessly is just such of an answer. 


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