Saturday, November 10, 2012

NaNoLog Day 10

+ Got to 16770 words (16787 to be exact)
+ Loving the duck
+ Skullcandy earbuds

Hey, everyone. I'm so excited to have finished my daily words - I promised myself that if I finished before a certain time, I would allow myself to game for a little bit. Today is Pirate101, as well as all the other gaming days.
I also found a good way to get myself writing. After the successful word-war at the write-in, I'm word-warring myself all the time to get quick words down. I set my timer for ten minutes every time, and I shoot for a certain amount of words in the time allowed. After the ten are up, I stopwatch myself until I get to where I needed to be, then I take a quick break. After that, it's back to the wars.




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