Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 23, and My Life With Hate-Comments

Good afternoon, Day 23! I am ahead of schedule, about to hit 40,000 words, that means that I'll pull off ten thousand words in about seven days - thrilling, no?

Today's writing time was spent in a Barnes and Noble, where I hung out in the chatroom and ate cheese-stuffed pretzels with a side of hot chocolate! Mmm-mm, love the stuff! Though I am too tired to write a feature topic, I have a little story for all of you to learn from, a memoir if you'd like to call it that.

For a while now, there has been one blogger who has been hate-commenting my stories if/when I post them, and for that same while, I have been busy blocking his IP and (back home on Travels) eventually limiting comments so he can't get away with anonymous comments. Still, my little pest sometimes finds my Skype account (which I use for my job on KingsIsle Universe) by getting into my friends'/co-workers' accounts and ends up either spamming or hate-IMing me. Time and time again, I teach my lesson with screenshots and word-censor blocks.
At this point, I'm not sure what the entire message of this is. Trouble is inevitable and will only follow you, no matter how fast and far you run from it. If you run, you'll end up in a new place full of its own little pests. If you stay, then the trouble thrives. There's simply no avoiding it, and so the lesson of the day is NOT to run from trouble, but to stare at it in the face and not blink so it will laugh. If trouble laughs, it self-destructs - it's DeidreDevically proven!
Maybe I'm trying to say that you shouldn't let this harm you. I've put up with this guy, and even started a new blog just for my writing. I still get occasionally bugged, but I have friends who help me out a lot. Stay safe, you guys.


Dei, The Crazy Scarf-Wearing Teen

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