Sunday, November 11, 2012

NaNoLog, Day 11

Hello from the local semi-independent bookstore! I'm surrounded by a lot of nice WriMos and I finally made a friend around my age, who is doing the YWP this year. Overall, I'm having a great time - there are word sprints all the time, and I won a few - I picked up another duck! Also, I got yet another duck for being a YA author, just cause. For the YA, I got an antlered duck, and then a holiday light strung one for the word war.

Today I got to 19,390 words - almost 1,000 words more than I had aimed to reach today! I'm pretty happy with myself,, and my character development is going as planned (if you call "as planned" anything.) I'm also having a good time in my region's chat room.

Well, that's it for tonight - goodnight, everyone!



What do you do with plots that you only intended to use?

Eat them.

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