Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving, Blog Dedication, 22 Morning

Good morning, readers - I hope you are all having a very safe and happy Thanksgiving if it's started, or that you are safe and happy in general is you're just waking up. I write this post with a slightly heavy heart, and you'll find out why.

Anyhow, noveling progress for today has been a dead zero since I have just logged on. I haven't even logged into the chat yet, but I can practically smell the pie.

Oh, all right - I'll get straight to the point. There has been one blogger who has helped me since the beginning of Travels and all the way through DeidreDev's, and today he announced that he was going to leave to focus on school and such. I mean, I support him all the way, but I'm really going to miss the guy. He told me beforehand, but I never expected it to happen.

His name is Yadin Bromberg, alias Blaze Shadowhorn. He's been a blogger for two years and is just one heck of a helpful person. He's very handy with HTML and gaming knowledge, and will always listen to you if you need someone to talk with. Did I mention that he's also a downright brilliant writer? Well, today was the post-day, on Thanksgiving where he extended his final thankyous and goodbyes. Blaze leaves behind several achievements and a brilliant legacy...and his job on KingIsle Universe, a site which I am Chief Editor on...oh no...

Anyhow, because he has done so much for it, including organizing widgets, creating copyright stuff, and just being there, this here blog is dedicated to him. Long Live the Frosty Legacy (after his signature, Keep it Frosty)!



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