Sunday, November 25, 2012

What A Great 25 Morning!

Think about it - you're out of bed and you quickly stretch before slipping a sweatshirt on and heading towards the very comfortable rocking chair in the corner of your room (the only corner that you really do attend to) and turn on the lamp, having a shiny laptop up onto your lap. You install updates, then turn on your Train CD (Save Me, San Francisco - Golden Gate Edition, of course!) and it starts pumping into your headset, making yous smile. Here's the kicker: You plug in your flash drive, and whaddyaknow - you're two thousand words ahead!

Yesterday, thanks to the chat-Wrimos, I'm really ahead. So, in order to save some for the write-in today, I'm going to continue writing a bit of my fanfiction. I'm pretty pumped for this, been waiting to flesh out a it of my plot for a while, and I can now worry about quality! If I ever need an outlet for my inner editor, that's where I put it there because I only check for spelling/grammar/fact problems once or twice before submitting.

Well, here's to a great day!


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