Friday, November 2, 2012

NaNoLog, Day 2

11/2, 3,452 words
At a Panera Write-in

Hey all! I'm currently writing from a Panera write-in, and since I don't want to give away my location, I'll leave that part with that I'm liking it a lot. (If you're there, I'm the one near the paintings, sitting by myself with a sandwich.) Even though I'm considerably younger than most of the people writing (okay, all of them..) it's a nice atmosphere. I have about 3500 words down, a considerable amount of that written today.

IRL, today was the fall  dance, and I had a blast! I am never prepared for loud music and the lights, but I got to dance around with my friends and chitchat away. However, the second I got home, I started thinking about my novel and how I was going to present myself at the write-in. My solution so far; not at all. I'm justsitting here, writing, and I think it's a good way to start things. I'll be sure to intrduce myself when the time comes around, if it does. However, I think I'll like it here, I've always been good accomplices with writers. (Commence trying to make eye contact and smiling...or at least trying to plug my computer in...)


There wasn't anything that Caleb could beg for as sawdust filled his throat and  lodged itself in an inconvenient place, as with all the other bits of dust compliments of the scroll-saws in the very back of the classroom. People said Caleb had lost it – that he was the only person giving a darn to the mini saws and dusting them off day out, kneeling down and blowing on the blades one by one. Caleb brushed his shaggy hair aside and, for the first time, considered the harsh rumors. 
Sunlight seeped through the crack on a slightly hidden back door, mixing with the sneak-up-behind-you tap of rain and not to mention more dust. It rose like a colun the the meager light's presence, and Caleb walked through it, one step at a time.


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