Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NaNoLog, Day Six

Wow, I've never been this tired.

Yesterday, I forgot to log my words, and so I had to work the numbers out (turns out that I had worked my equation wrong and was about 300 words short of what I needed for last night), and start writing. I spent most of my free time typing my document and talking about my novel with friends. So far, nobody seems to understand it. As I struggle for an explanation, here are a few covers that I've been bouncing around:

Props to Ria H.!

this one is for a friend - a rather surprise gift. He doesn't read
this blog, so I might surprise him with it later.
Anyhow, my word count is 10,007 - the length of my latest project before NaNo, and about half the length of the project before that one. RIPF2D, if any of you get the reference.
The following are from a manga face-maker that I like to use when I'm messing around. the groupings are friend groupings with exceptions of India and Bjornstad:
Bennett Hikaru Hirimoto
(Group I)
India Victoria Johnson
(Primarily II, but Group I as well)
Mr. Bjornstad
Nikolai (Nikko) Jordan Brahm
(Group I)
Caleb Lomax Winslow
(Group I)
Noah Michael Jensen
(whose background is pink for a reason)
(Group II)
 Hope you all liked the post! I'm going to get some serious sleep now. Shoutouts to Conner and Megan, two people doing NaNo in my school!


My other calculator checks my e-mail, too. It also searches for images and Youtube videos.

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