Wednesday, November 21, 2012

NaNoLog Day 21

Today, I'll be bringing back a concept of posting that I used to use and will use again back on Travels. Basically, I'll post whatever is needed to be posted for a particular day, and then the feature. In this case, I'm doing this because the feature is rather short, mainly because my homework is full of this and I'm starting to get sick of it. Also, the "read more" button will make much more sense. Today:

Wordcount/Blog Updates (to jump - ctrl+f, search "alpha")
NaNoWriMo Socializing Updates (search "gamma" (because I'll be mentioning Beta testing, most likely))
Feature: Ten Reasons to Word-Sprint  ("delta")
Hellos ("epsilon")

(alpha) Today's wordcount is 35,809! I'm a bit ahead of schedule, and I am loving writing against the clock! Lindsey Stirling's music is a gigantic inspiration to my writing, and I write to her latest covers. Also, I am thinking, because of a few names being met at school, of changing a few of my characters' names:

Caleb might become Kaileb, Cayleb, or Kaleb.
Bennett might become Adrian or Thomas (Tom).
Nikko and India will stay.
Noah will need a new name, as will Riora. Suggestions are open!

Of course, I don't think that the nameholders will really mind me using their names, and I made sure to automatically switch out any antagonist names.

I have also added a widget at the bottom that automatically updates my wordcount.

(gamma) Well, I have been spending a lot of time in the chat for my regional Wrimos, and they support me a lot in my writing. I will also try to attend a write-in on Friday if there is one. Sadly, I missed the halfway party, but I'll happily attend an end-of-month get-together if there is one. As usual, I'll be the teenager in the stringy scarf with three ducks and a penguin USB. Actually, the penguin is new- my old USB broke down.

(delta) So, I really love doing these word-sprints with my fellow Wrimos, and I have complied ten reasons why. Word sprints are when two or more people get together whether in real life or virtually, and write like the wind for a set amount of time then compare totals. I normally score in the 400-600 range for ten minute sprints, based on my excitement. (My first sprint was 727, and I was really tired!) For a few fifteen-minute sprints, I have been trying to peak 1,000 but have gotten as far as 903 words. Here are the ten reasons why I love the sprints:

1. They make you more efficient in the whole concept of NaNo - write like the wind!
2. You connect with the Wrimos!
3. You learn more about your pressured writing
4. You learn more about your characters (who I call your cast) as they introduce themselves to you through your scenes
5. You learn your assessment of quality work over time
6. Your writing stamina increases!
7. You learn "ninja" concepts of writing, the ones that sneak up and give you a little nudge when you're least expecting it.
8. You increase your skills at friendly competition! Knowing myself for a very long time, I am a very competitive person and will stop at nothing to at least try to get the top.
9. You get auto bragging rights to your score
10. It increases your wordcount - I mean, who wouldn't like that?*

*Okay, truth is that I'm writing this post as my piece for the word war, just to help a Wrimo that's a little behind. Ah well, I have a lot to be working on, so he'll most likely get back on track by the time I'm done writing tonight!

(epsilon) Well, hellos go to my English teacher again - I'm very proud that she's reading my blogs.

Thanks for reading, everybody, and expect a rapid-fire post tomorrow!


35,809 words

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