Sunday, November 18, 2012

Good Evening, Day 18!

I was positively sure that the evening of the eighteenth was getting no stormier, but things were about to take a turn for the darker. I, Deidre Devereaux, had just sat down at _____ _____ Books amongst fellow Wrimos. I proudly dubbed this evening "Defining Scene Day". That's when everything went dark. At first, I didn't notice that the lights were out due to my laptop giving off a radiant glow. It was when the emergency flashing lights caught my eye mid-word that I turned my head up. Sadly, I left the host and a few others behind to rearrange things as I capped my lanyard and headed outside with everybody else evacuating. After we regrouped, we decided to tee off for the Starbucks, where, to our dismay, was also dark. We resolved to wait under an awning, when I decided to bail.
A lot of dark at the moment, and I want to shout out to the poor Wrimos who are still under the awning. About the stormy, all I can say is that it's not getting any drier out there.

Here's to the Wrimos in the rain!


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