Sunday, November 4, 2012

NaNoLog Day Four, LIVE from the bookstore

As not to give away my location, I'm at one of the best almost independent bookstores that I have ever known, with the top being that one vintage spot on the Oregon coast, it smelled of book glue and cologne, in my opinion...oh, sorry.

Anyhow, I'm LIVE at a bookstore/shopping center with a lot of other WriMos, and even more plates of noodles. Noodles - best writing food known to humankind, I swear it. I spent the few hours that I've been here busily typing, making a few friends, and changing the volume on my iPod. I'm at 6,833 words currently, passing my goal of 6,708 by the end of the day. I'm actually trying to look a little nonchalant as I type this post, as to make others think that I'm writing my novel and not a blog post...shh...

Today's post will be composed of two things: something that I saw that inspired me (well, a spinoff of the actual event..) and a bit of my novel. I also have a few interesting pictures at the end.


Michael tried to find his center, tried not to wobble from one side of his foot to the other, as Julia stumbled on and off of her two-foot-tall white rook. Julia squealed as she fell over again, this time taking the piece with her. A few WriMos sitting at a long table looked on in inspiration. Over and over, Michael exhaled and Julia stumbled, until three blonde-haired toddler boys rushed in, the tallest toting a red rubber ball on his head. Michael laughed and landed on his bottom in the middle of a dark square, making one of the WriMos gasp in reaction.


“CALEB!!” Caleb blinked his eyes open and rubbed at the edges where night-blooming gunk had formed and crystallized. “CALEB, WAKE UP!” Caleb hopped to his feet and put a sweatshirt on over his sweat-stained sleeping shirt. He stumbled to his window and opened it, climbing onto the roof in the cold morning air.
“Bennett, what do you want? You could have knocked.”
“I know. They're going to dust you.”
“Who -”
“Noah.” Bennett interjected. “Noah Roche and his pals are going to dust you today., they're in fourth period, and are going to clean out the bandsaw.”
“Thanks...for telling me, Bennett.”
As Bennett darted away, Caleb didn't feel like going back inside. He sat on the roof, legs huddled close to his chest. Noah and his friends were honestly going to dust him? He was going to have fake dandruff again?” Caleb didn't like the idea or thought of covering someone in dust deliberately. What were they going to do – take pictures? They would be in double trouble, then; deliberate pranking and picture-taking on campus. Maybe, if they got in trouble, the boys would stop harassing people, just maybe.
No, no they wouldn't. They are only going to get better.


OK, so the big surprise for today is that I'm sort of stuck on titles. Here are a few ideas that I've been bouncing off of my fellow WriMos:

The Scrollsaw's Lament
Of Books and Bandsaws
My Dearest Scrollsaw

I have a medley of covers, but sadly they're on my non-isolated computer account. I'll be sure to post them in the next post!


Welcome to NaNoLand, please cancel your game subscriptions and buy some soy sauce for the noodles. 

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