Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NaNoLog Day 14

Total Count: 23,172 words

Hello! Today I caught up to my words after being lazy through yesterday and the day before. My protagonist sneezed up blood, and I'm plotting a flame-throwing jackalope somewhere in there.
Anyhow, my fanfiction got posted today, check 'er out HERE (oops, just pasted in my entire novel on accident):
Yeah, met a lot of Wrimos so far, really loving my regional chatroom! You won't believe how tired I am right now, though. Good night!

For the folks back from Travels; sneak peek of what's next in A SURVIVOR'S WORD!

Destiny pivoted in the other direction, and ran. She had run these same docks maybe hundreds of times, skidding around corners and sliding over dangling bridges. She slip-stepped before darting up a staircase, and she seemingly ran through a pair of swinging wooden doors. Stopping in the middle of the sand-laden square, Destiny cautiously turned. The thought dawned upon her; she was no hero – she had just escaped death a few times. People here had taken down forces single-handedly, swordfought with too many at once. Again, Destiny shrunk back to her child-like stance in awe. She took small steps into the clothier's shop. She glanced to the walls, which were seemingly decorated with weapons – a gleaming spear mounted on the wall seemed to call out to Destiny. The floor was lined with tables of clothing, mostly Skull-Island style; a great find would be practically anything else.
"Where have YOU been?" A young merchant coiled thread in a corner.
"Hello, Aedan. I got into somethin' that's none o' your business, that's what." Aedan Bristol turned back to Destiny, and scowled.
"What do you want?" Destiny reached into a tattered pocket and removed a decent handful of coins.
"What will this get?" She folded her hands on a table and leanedover to support her weight with her shoulders. Aedan squeezed his chin and pulled out a tattered apron. Destiny took a turn to scowl.
"How am I supposed to move around, draw a sword, in whatever you've drawn in?" Destiny held a smart-looking coat at arm's length, not pleased at all. "Is this a joke?"
"Buy it or leave, Devereaux. And get something to patch your eye, it's...not going to get better." Destiny folded the apron and draped it over a shoulder, as a blue scrap of cloth and a mundane ribbon landed in her hand.
"I'll see you later, Aedan." Destiny silently left the shop.

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