Friday, November 9, 2012

NaNo Log Day 9

Hey everyone, sorry about no post yesterday - heck, I didn't even make my daily words.

Anyhow, I'm blogging LIVE from another Panera write-in, this time in the thick of things near the middle of the table. as a matter of fact, I'm feeling like I actually fit in here - sure, the people are downright insane hilarious and that can be distracting, but I was greeted very warmly, and even got to chat with a few people. Note to self: When in doubt, keep your face straight - it will save your life. 
I got to the write-in about twenty minutes early, and sat myself down not at the end of the room, but in the middle of the table. There, I met the host of the event and the co-host, as well as a growing amount of people, whose names have regained the status of a mystery. However, I was welcomed as the "stealthy one from last time", the one who had not been noticed until she got up and left. I was welcomed in as a ninja, to be exact, and I laughed along. 
As time ticked on, I met more and more people, and got barely anything written down just because I was having a good time chatting. I bought a sandwich and ate it down while the people across from me talked about Star Wars and the like. For a while, I was the tenderfoot, the reason to why nobody got words down, and what I felt like was more in the party than not, if you get what I mean. I just moved to a meeting room, because the first people who reserved it didn't show up. Now, I'm sort of boxed in, but at least I'm getting something done...sort of. I finished my YWP goal of 15000 words, and am at 15095 words currently. 

Blog-base-wise, my fanfiction piece "A Survivor's Word" got accepted by the community manager of Pirate101, which I am very excited about. When I got the e-mail, I called my friends immediately, yelling gibberish to them while jumping on the guest-bed. Thanks go to Tom Purdue the community manager.

Well, that's it from me today - catch you all tomorrow!

this was cut out from an image of me holding the duck, so it wouldn't
show my face
Cont: Also, I won a word war with a total of 727 words - I won a NaNoWriMo 2012 rubber duck! 



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