Saturday, November 17, 2012

NaNoLog Day 17

Oh, dear - I'm about a thousand words behind.

Last night, I went to a Lindsey Stirling concert, and it was worth the loss, though. She's amazing!

At the moment, I'm writing up more words, and I just got to 26,000 words. I have to get to approx. 28,500 today to stay on track, so I've got a ways to go. At the moment, my protagonist (Caleb) is on his toes developing ideas. Here's what I have for today....ignore the typos, please!

Caleb heaved his backpack onto one shoulder, holding it to his side with the according hand. He tried to use his left hand to open the door, though eventually, a boy named Nolan in his third period PE kicked it open for him. Caleb skittered through, and looked for the back door of the cafeteria (where the gym left out) towards the electives hall. He ducked through it as a girl opened it, and he walked straight towards the woodshop.
“Come on, I have to look again.” Caleb felt the bottom of his backpack and the piece of wood that he salvaged. He opened the door...or at least tried to. Doors didn't necessarily like him that day, he decided. Caleb put his full weight on the door, and got it pushed back into him.
“No can do, sonny.” The same man from the fire site stared back at him. “You know the fire hazards -”
“Then why did you get me in? And who's Roscoe?” caleb demanded.
“Listen, he'll tell you everything. Just...go through the corridor, but don't go into the woodshop, for Pete's sake. Just go through aisle C and towards your next class.”
“Aisle -” There were three main hallways in a building. In this particular one, aisle A was the electives hall, and aisle B was a regular hall of classrooms. In both buildings, the aisle C was reserved for teachers and were used as supply rooms, mainly. If one were to get access to an aisle C to get to class, they would be at least two minutes early. He stepped into the room, and skittered through the hall, trying not to be seen by the teachers and the teachers' student assistants. He ducked through the other end and looked up into  aisle B of the first building. He could get used to that. He looked for his next classroom, and stepped in, taking a seat by the window.
Caleb liked the window more than others, he supposed. Light filtered in through the glass quite nicely, and he had a nice view of the courtyard. Nikko had once said that he sat by the window as well, blanketed by morning light. Today was a rather cloudy day, and Caleb didn't have the luck to have any rays. He wondered if Bennett was in Nikko's science class.
“Good afternoon, period four!” An old man ( a veteran, as Caleb had learned) stepped in front of the class, his substitute badge shining off of the ceiling light almost has much as he was.
“Good af'ernoon, Mis'er Dawson!” Caleb said as fast as he could muster. He smiled wide and Mr. dawson laughed.
“Now THAT's  enthusiasm. How'd you all like the fire drill this morning?” Groans were spread throughout the room. Caleb looked up indifferent, trying not to think about what was going on in the woodshop. Were the first responders dissecting the remains? Had they gone through everything and were starting to restore the place?

Special props to Bennett T. from the mystical land of Reality for visiting! :-)

26,174 words

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